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khash khavari (MASC)

With over a decade of experience and a strong background in both engineering and design, Khash Khavari is well-versed in all aspects of real estate investment, development, and construction.  He is a strong proponent of creative, environmentally friendly, and community-oriented design that promotes the functionality and sustainability of spatial form.  Khash’s all-encompassing and detail-oriented approach to development sets his projects apart from any other in the market.

As a principal at H&Co Developments, Khash utilizes his experience in the investment and construction industries to take on an active role in handpicking every new development project with the highest level of scrutiny.  Khash believes in deep engagement with his projects at all stages of development.  By leading some of Toronto’s best consultants and construction teams alike, he ensures that each of his buildings upholds the highest industry standards.

From a marketing perspective, Khash maintains a pulse on consumer needs by taking an active role in the process.  Maintaining regular contact with potential buyers and tenants is a priority for Khash, as he makes a point of customizing each unit to individual clients’ needs. Fostering an ongoing and close relationship with clients, ensures that they are well-informed throughout the process and a clear and consistent vision for the project is established.  This approach ultimately ensures that every project achieves not only the highest financial return but also the highest level of client satisfaction possible.

Creating flexible infrastructure has been a guiding principle for Khash throughout his career.  His passion for incorporating cutting-edge technological advancements into his projects enhances the durability and versatility of the structures he creates.  With an overall focus in seeking out new strategies and implementing novel solutions that save time and minimize costs without sacrificing quality, Khash is able to achieve efficiencies that lead to optimal results.

A true believer of the phrases “knowledge is power”, over the years, Khash has taken every opportunity to educate himself and learn from priceless experiences of those who have spent a lifetime in the field.  While completing his undergraduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Toronto, Khash started investing in the fast-growing real estate market of Toronto in the early 2000s.  He continued his studies by completing his Master’s degree in Engineering, taking on academic research positions at University of Toronto and Nortel Institute of Technology, working with some of the brightest minds in the country and publishing multiple peer-reviewed papers in academic journals.

While enrolled in his PhD program at the University of Toronto, Khash left the academic field to concentrate on his real estate goals.  He took the natural step of adding development and construction to his investment portfolio.  Taking advantage of the market slowdown of 2008, Khash purchased and later developed over $12M worth of low-rise properties in the luxury market.  In 2010, he co-founded Mizrahi Developments, with Mr. Sam Mizrahi who at the time was working for Khash as a general contractor.  He assembled the lands, developed and built a number of projects in the partnership including the residences at 133 Hazelton, and 181 Davenport. He also invested and developed 128 Hazelton, 1451 Wellington in Ottawa, and One Bloor Street West, before leaving in 2015 to start H&CO Developments with a dedicated focus on mid-rise developments with even higher standards and objectives than before.

In addition to the Real Estate industry which is Khash’s passion, Khash owns a number of acclaimed restaurants in Toronto under the umbrella of Peer To Peer Hospitality Group.  Khash's hospitality enterprise, consists of luxury dining restaurants including Cava, Chabrol, Atlas, Tanto, Lapin (Currently under construction), a catering company and a full-service hospitality design and operation management company.

Charitable activities and support of arts are front and centre in all of Khash's business ventures. Through partnerships with Michael Garron Hospital, CAMH, UJA, Sunnybrook Hospital, Sick Kids Foundation, St. John Ambulance, Kensington Hospice, Children Development Institute, and Good Shepherd Ministries, Khash ensures he is giving back where possible to provide better opportunities for others.


H & Co Developments is a boutique real estate development company with a dedicated focus on luxury mid-rise developments in Canada.  With strong values rooted in the understanding of what it takes to be a part of and contribute to a neighbourhood, we work hard to identify prime locations and create projects that are one-of-a-kind inside and outside.

We believe development and construction bring along with them responsibilities that go well above and beyond the industry standards and practices.  To that end we hold ourselves and our partners to a higher standard.  With every project and every interaction we aim to create a positive lasting impression.  This is the vision that distinguishes us from the rest.

Working with some of the most prominent architects, engineers and consultants, who share the same values as us, we are able to create an unparalleled experience for our clients and homeowners.  Every project starts by carefully studying the fabric of the neighbourhood  we are joining.  We listen closely to the stakeholders and our clients and work with the neighbours and the community.  Only then do we begin the design process with the key goal of creating a structure that will stand the test of time.

H & Co Developments sets the standard for what luxury condominium living is.  We believe in building relationships that go beyond the development and construction of a project. We maintain contact with our homeowners well after they have moved into their new homes.  Green energy, environmentally friendly design, and smart technology, which are at the core of our values, ensure comfort of our clients for years to come.  

1001 Broadview Residences

1001 Broadview Residences will expand and revitalize one of East York’s historic neighbourhoods. Located at the north-east corner of Broadview and Mortimer Avenues, this unique combination of townhouses, luxury condominium suites, and expansive retail spaces is designed to be user-friendly, future-proof, and green. It also offers its residents unobstructed views of the Don Valley Trail and the distinctive Toronto skyline.

The project’s innovative design integrates green spaces not only in its environs but also at its core. Abundant trees and hedges line the expanded sidewalks, while green walls and a green rooftop are central to the building’s structure. First-class amenities, and boutique size of the project makes 1001 Broadview a unique and sought-after building in a quiet and easily accessible neighbourhood.

Gross Floor Area: 93,000 sqft
Number of Units:  80
Development & Construction Management


In the past decade we have developed, designed and built a number of luxury custom homes throughout the City of Toronto.  A sample list of these homes include:

314 Vesta Dr.
129 Hazelton Ave.
69 Hillholm Rd.
219 Hollywood Ave.
183 Forest Hill Rd.
8 Hillholm Rd.
218 Hillhurst Blvd.


H&Co Developments provides a full-service design-build experience in a variety of commercial sectors. We tailor solutions for each client after extensive consultation based on location, market, client objectives and budget. The turnkey solution offered by H&Co Developments is unlike any other in the industry. Our unique approach includes all aspects design and construction by providing in house solutions to:

Concept and space design
Planning, production of detailed architectural and engineering drawings
Interior design specification
Permitting, and consultation with the city planners
Construction, and inspection

Past projects include:
Chabrol Restaurant
Atlas Restaurant
Tanto Restaurant
Cava Restaurant
133 Hazelton's Presentation Gallery
181 Davenport's Presentation Gallery